TxABA Public Policy Group


The mission of the TxABA Public Policy Group (PPG) is to review and act upon issues related to legislative activity and other public policy issues that may impact behavior analysts and their consumers in the state of Texas. The TxABA PPG is a 501c6 organization.

Activities of the TxABA PPG include:

  • Set dues to support legislative monitoring and other activities affecting public policy
  • Inform constituents of organization's activities
  • Create mechanisms for communicating with members
  • Create task forces to address legislative issues relevant to the profession
  • Interact with legislators, members of regulatory entities, advocacy groups, consumer organizations, etc. regarding public policy
  • Promote accurate understanding of behavior analysis by the public
  • Coordinate efforts with national organizations related to public policy

The TxABA PPG is directed by a group of officers. Below are the current PPG officers:

President Rany Thommen
Past President Jeffrey Dillen
Treasurer Berenice de la Cruz
Secretary Anna Sciarillo
Communications Mariel Cremonie-Fernandez

If you would like to join the TxABA PPG, please download the application and email it to BehaviorAnalysisPublicPolicyTX@gmail.com. Membership levels, benefits, and dues are outlined in the application, and a link to pay dues via PayPal is provided in the application.

Please visit their Web site and join them on Facebook also!