TxABA 2020 Conference

34th Annual TxABA Conference


Join TxABA for our first ever virtual conference!


Student Member (Late Registration)


Available through April 23, 2020


Associate Member (Late Registration)


Available through April 23, 2020


Hotel Update


Both the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk and the Grand Hyatt in hotels in San Antonio will automatically cancel any reservations made in the TxABA room block and refund any deposits made for those rooms. If you have any questions or concerns, the hotels' contact information are listed below:

Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk
123 Losoya St.
San Antonio, TX, 78205



Grand Hyatt San Antonio
600 East Market St.
San Antonio, TX, 78205


Poster Session


The 2020 poster session will be hosted online. Click the link below to view pdfs and recorded presentations of our attendees' posters!


Virtual Sponsor and Exhibitor Hall


Our sponsors and exhibitors have gratiously agreed to move their exhibitor booth online. Click the button below to view information and websites from our sponsors and exhibitors.



How To Access Talks


All of the presentations will be streamed live via Zoom.


We strongly recommend that you install Zoom on a laptop or desktop computer as users have reported that certain features are unavilable via iPads, mobile devices, and using the browser extension.



Zoom has an extensive help section on their website. Click here to get help if you have any issues with Zoom on your preferred device.


In order to watch talks live, click on the "Watch Talks" buttons below for the track you'd like to see. The talks for that track will be listed on the next screen. Simply click on the link to the talk that you'd like to watch.


2020 Conference Tracks


Neurodevelopmental Disorders 1 (NDD 1) Track


Presenters include:

  • Sungwoo Kahng
  • Joseph Dracobly
  • Andrea Courtmanche
  • Sarah Bloom


Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2 (NDD 2) Track


Presenters include:

  • Henry Schlinger
  • John McEachin
  • Lori Chamberlain
  • Nathan Call
  • Diana Parry-Cruwys
  • Robert Parry-Cruwys
  • Jacquelyn MacDonald


Professional Track


Presenters include:

  • Ellie Kazemi
  • Leslie Neely
  • Jessica Graber
  • Abraham Graber
  • Jim Carr
  • John Rapp

General Track


Presenters include:

  • Brian Greer
  • James Diller
  • Iser DeLeon
  • Allen Neuringer

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Track


Presenters include:

  • Lori Ludwig
  • Timothy Ludwig
  • Jennifer Hines
  • Regina Crone
  • Domonique Randall

Research Track


Presenters include:

  • David Jarmolowicz
  • April Becker
  • Edward Wasserman
  • Julio de Rose

Education Track


Presenters include:

  • Kathleen Strickland-Cohen
  • Lee Mason
  • Heather Hughes
  • Katie Wiskow

Social Issues Track


Presenters include:

  • Jennifer Hamrick
  • Alonzo Andrews
  • Loukia Tsami
  • Stephanie Gerow
  • Kent Corso
  • Ingunn Sandakar
  • Kenneth Silverman
  • August Stockwell

Non-Track Events


Events include:

  • ABA Inside Track Live!
  • TxABA Student Representative Election
  • TxABA Business Meeting



2020 BACB CEU Information


TxABA will award BACB CEUs for all talks attended live or watched following the conference. CEUs will only be provided if you have registered and paid for the conference, paid for CEUs, and if you watch the presentations from your own account. If you watch a presentation from another person's account, you will not be able to earn CEUs from that presentation.


Paying for CEUs


CEUs are available as an item for purchase on the main registration page. You may purchase CEUs before, during, or after the conference, however CEUs from previous conferences will expire 2 years after that conference. CEUs purchased for the 2020 TxABA Conference will expire April 23, 2022.


Receiving CEUs at the Conference


CEUs will be awarded per the BACB guidelines. One CEU equals 50 minutes of instruction.

In order to ensure that attendees are attending during presentations, the meeting host will launch polls periodically throughout the presentation. While we cannot confirm that this is universally the case, we have received reports that users on mobile and browser instances of Zoom are not able to see Zoom. Individuals who call into the meeting will not be able to see the polls.

Once a poll is launched, it will look similar to the following image:



You will have 2 minutes to respond to a poll. If you do not respond to this time you will lose the opportunity to do so. In the event that you cannot see the poll, you will need to make a comment in the Q&A within the same time limit. The Q&A can be accessed by clicking the Q&A button in the bottom navigation bar of the meeting window, as depicted in the image below.



Clicking the Q&A button will make a box appear that displays a text box and all questions you have asked. Type a comment in the box and press enter. Your question will only be able to be visible to you at first. We will not respond to Q&A submissions regarding attendance or make them visible to other attendees.



Recorded Videos

Most presenters have assented to the recording of their presentations and making those presentations available to attendees. In the event that you would like to watch and earn CEs from a recorded talk, you may do so through June 18, 2020. If you wish to earn CEUs from a recorded talk, you will need to correctly answer 4 out of 5 questions regarding the presentation once it has ended.


Accessing Your CEU Certificate


Please follow the steps below to access your 2020 CEU certificate:


  • Go to txaba.org and log into your account. Please make sure that the account you log into is the same account through which you purchased your CEUs.
  • Navigate to your TxABA profile by clicking on the "Member Profile" button on the TxABA homepage.
  • In the "Profile" box, under "Credits" click on "34th Annual Conference - 2020" to view your 2020 CEUs.
  • On the next page, click "view" or "download" in order to access your certificate.
  • If you do not see the "view" or "download" buttons, then you likely have not paid for your CEUs. If you believe this to be in error or have another question, please contact txaba@txaba.org for assistance.


TxABA would like to thank the following sponsors