James L. Kopp Memorial Scholarship

The James L. Kopp Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the first president of TxABA, who passed away November 19, 2010. During his 40-year career in Texas, his most prominent contributions to behavior analysis were as teacher and mentor at the Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Arlington.

The purpose of this award is to defray education-related costs or costs associated with attending the ABAI annual conference. Applicants will be chosen from the submissions to receive $500 scholarships.

The student must be listed as presenting author in a symposium or paper session at ABAI and must be a current Student Member of TxABA to be eligible.

Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship should submit:

The synopsis should include the purpose and importance of the research, method, and results (including graphs or other data displays). The application materials should be submitted to txaba@txaba.org no later than February 29, 2020. Recipients will be announced at the TxABA annual conference.